The decision to create the Portuguese National Human Rights  Committee (PNHRC) comes from the commitment of the Portuguese Government before the United Nations Human Rights Council, in Geneva, which took place on 8th December 2009, in the context of the presentation of the report on the human rights situation  in Portugal and the fulfillment of our international obligations in this area. 

The report was discussed with other member states in a session of the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism Working Group (UPR), which was also attended by non-governmental organizations and national human rights institutions. 

The UPR is an intergovernmental mechanism of the Human Rights Council, established in 2006, which includes NGOs and national human rights institutions. It assesses the Human Rights situation of all Member States of the United Nations every four years (48 countries a year, divided into three sessions). 

The Portuguese Report, comes from a joint effort of several Ministries and public entities, under the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, addressed the situation in several areas such as gender equality, economic, social and cultural rights, children´s rights, non-discrimination, integration of migrants and the situation in the detention facilities in the country.

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